Thursday, November 1, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things

Over the next couple of posts I'll be sharing the belongings that I love. From tea towels, to novels, to salt and pepper shakers, to kitchen tools. Maybe you can acquire and love them, too.


Books: I have the same taste in books as your mom.

Molly Wizenberg's book is one of my top ten favs. Her story telling and recipes make it very hard to put down. Molly's scone recipe is the only scone recipe you'll ever need.

Who wouldn't enjoy reading about Diane Keaton and her relationship with her mother? In the novel you learn all about her love affairs with Hollywood's most handsome men, from Woody Allen to Al Pacino. If Diane Keaton isn't for you, you should definitely give this to your mom for Christmas.

 Nora Ephron is my favourite story teller. She is also my favourite screen play writer, director, and producer. Her movies and novels are quirky and romantic. Her writing about being a woman couldn't be more accurate, with chapters called "I Hate My Purse" and "What I Wish I'd Known". It makes for the perfect weekend read, and is almost as good as watching You've Got Mail.

All books are available through Indigo and for under $20. All images were found on Google Images.

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