Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Studio Apartment

When I first moved to the city I was on a pretty tight budget. The smartest thing for me to do was to live with room mates, a boy and a girl who I met on Kijiji. The apartment that we lived in was huge and beautiful. But as time went on, it slowly began to fall apart! On one occasion, I left for the week and when I came back, there was a 1 inch crack from floor to ceiling in my bedroom. 

I started looking for one bedroom and studio apartments, and much to my surprise, the first apartment I looked at I ended up taking! It was a little rough around the edges, but I knew with a little elbow grease I'd be able to make it shiny and Sarah-y.

So here it is, my not so spacious studio apartment. It's on the first floor, and has a giant window for me to spy on strangers. It's colourful and cozy.

Now, if any of you guys would love to visit for a weekend, I'd love to host you.

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