Friday, November 2, 2012

These are a few of my favourite things II


Who can resist a crazy daughter and mother living alone in a rotting home with racoons and stray cats? Their strange relationship vaguely reminds me of the one I share with my mother (haha!).
The Gilmore Girls think they're a hoot... 

2 Days in Paris is about a couple who go to Paris to visit Marion's parents who are crazy and hilarious. Jack, the asshole boyfriend, is jealous of every man that Marion knows and doesn't understand Marion's upbringing. It's hilarious and Julie Delby is a dream to watch.
Now, in 2 Days in New York, Marion is dating Mingus, played by Chris Rock. The perfect combo! So much bickering and hilarity ensue when Marion's family come to visit, and stay in their tiny two bedroom apartment. Everything goes wrong and Marion goes crazy.
Watch if you love French humour and a ton of commotion. 

A classic! Classic! Annie Hall is a film about comedy and love. Neurotic Alvy falls for a preppy and equally neurotic Annie. Alvy is obsessed with analyzing their relationship, which causes it to fail.
Fun Fact: Did you know that Woody told Diane to come to the set in her own clothes. She didn't have a stylist! What a lady! 

What are your favorite movies?

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