Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Tricks

Hey there!

Sorry about my silence. I've been surprisingly busy, and unsurprisingly unmotivated to update my social media.

My weekend was jammed packed with two parties on Friday night, a lazy Saturday, and a lazy (but productive) Sunday!

Friday afternoon I stayed cooped up. I made some delicious tomato soup and watched Bridget Jones's Diary. I ate waaaay too many Halloween sized Snickers.

I also prepped bread dough in the late afternoon. Five ingredients! Extremely easy!

Friday evening Andrew and I went to my best friend's house for some drinks. We headed our separate ways after a top 40 dance party. Andrew and I ended up in Mile End at a party that was being hosted by our new (first) mutual friend. The host works at the hip grocery store, where we always run into him. I met people with Australian and French accents, who, at the time, became my new best friends.

We only stopped by for about an hour, and then headed further north to a funky bar with antique bowling lanes, mac and cheese, and old friends. It was blurry, but tons and tons of fun seeing people I haven't seen in almost a year!

Saturday morning I woke up with a very bad headache (see above). I crawled out of bed to knead the bread and put it in the oven.

The bread ended up turning out amazing. I ate it for two days straight with butter and jam.

Sunday rolled around. Andrew and I went to Expozine. There were so many cute prints, zines, and novels. I ended up leaving with two food themed prints (of course!)... A cat covered in eggs, and a cat as a cheeseburger. I begged the artist for dog prints, but she admittedly only draws cats because that's all people buy! People suck!
We were starving by the time we finished walking through the sale, so we hopped on our bikes and journeyed down to Duluth for some Areperas. I got the usual chicken and avocado mix. Delicious!

I wore my new sneakers out. They're my new indoor shoes for my upcoming job. Just thought I'd give them a try! They're very purple, and very very comfy.

Tomorrow I'll be heading home to Ontario for a couple of days. I miss my dogs and my parents. There will be lots of time for me to post my tomato soup recipe, bread recipe, and a delicious and easy falafel recipe that Andrew has mastered in only one try.

Here's some cuteness I'd like to share with you to make up for my weekend hiatus. She's a special cutie who I'll be seeing very shortly. D'oh!!

See ya on the flip side! 

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