Thursday, November 8, 2012

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When it comes to shopping, I love kitsch! Stores with cute girls behind the register, clashing fabrics, animal prints, books about donuts, and lots and lots of dresses. Here's my top three list of places to go when there's money burning a hole in my pocket.

Good Egg

Toronto, Ontario

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This shop is the only reason to visit Toronto.  It's dedicated towards those who love to eat. They've got everything from food themed erasers, to high end pots and pans, to children's lunch boxes. Everything is so beautifully curated. It's hard to leave, let alone leave empty handed.

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Photo via Open Book Toronto

Young Janes

Ottawa, Ontario

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Ottawa is a pretty tough place to find nice second hand vintage clothing. There are only a handful of stores that have nice selections, and Young Janes is one of them. Located just beyond the market, Young Janes is filled with classic girly pieces, from Pony brand purses, to quirky brooches and sunglasses. Their prices are fair, and the girls who work there are adorable. If you're ever in the country's capital, you must stop by. You won't be disappointed.

Citizen Vintage

Montreal, Quebec

Voted number 3 best vintage clothing store in Montreal, Citizen Vintage, located in the trendy Mile End, is a beacon of hipster hope. Filled with expensive Rolling Stone t-shirts, and a Linus bicycle on display, there's no reason why someone who enjoys french press coffee wouldn't want to spend their rainy afternoon searching through the neatly organized racks. When my mom was last in the city, her and I visited Citizen twice in three days. I got myself a 90's long-sleeved floral print dress, and my mom (owner of a vintage clothing store in Waterloo, Ontario) found several items for her store.
If you plan on visiting, bring your Mastercard. You'll end up buying way more than you expected! 

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Honorable Mentions:

Patina Vintage - Waterloo, Ontario
Amazing owner, great selection on authentic one of a kind vintage clothing and housewares.

The Green Room - Stratford, Ontario
A gem, really. I fell in love with this store when I was thirteen. She sells Hunter Wellies and Cheap Mondays, and has the best selection of sunglasses on the planet (or at least in Stratford).

Badlands Vintage - Toronto, Ontario
If a 1970's velvet painting were a store, Badlands would be it. Hit it up if you want ironic t-shirts or high waisted denim.

Dystynct Boutique - Waterloo, Ontario
This is my mom's vintage and consignment clothing store. She sells a variety of high end designer accessories and clothes, from Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs. 

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