Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Edible, wearable, useable.

Every time I experience a large change in my life I always say to myself that I should start blogging. I have the time, I have the experience, and I have the resources. I love reading other imaginative, beautifully curated blogs, so why not attempt my own?

Today, being a rather sunny day in Montreal, I have pulled up my socks, and I have fastened my seatbelt. Today I am becoming a member of the ever so popular blog club. Who knows what's going to become of this.

My wish list of things to feature on this page is a mix of things edible, wearable, and useable.


In June 2012 I quit my favorite job in Guelph, Ontario in hopes to follow my passion of being a pastry chef. I met a boy (who just happened to live in Montreal), and fell in love. I packed up my clothes and recipe books, found two quirky roommates, and moved one province over. I took two months off from finding a job to focus on getting myself comfortable and equipped. I studied French, caught up with old friends, and ate too much cheese. I casually looked for pastry jobs online, not finding a single position available. 

On one of our regular bike rides, boy and I decided to stop by a patisserie that I had been admiring from afar. On a whim I asked the owner if they were hiring, and to my surprise, they were.

I started my job there at the end of August. The work was hard, the hours were long, and the boss was tough. I motored through it, wide eyed, ready for anything. But eventually the wear and tear from the job became too much. 

Last week I gave my resignation. Out of all my time spent at the patisserie, that was the first moment the boss actually understood me, and in a way, respected me. It's really upsetting. I thought I was going to be able to accomplish something great in the Montreal patisserie "scene". But it just ended up walking all over me. 

So now I'm here, job hunting, soul searching, and calling my mom everyday. Being the first out of all of my friends to graduate post-secondary, I always thought of myself as successful. But I guess I'm in the same boat as everyone else.

No matter what happens over the next little bit, I know I'll end up in the right town, baking cakes in my little bakery, surrounded by people who love me. 

And who knows, maybe this blog will still be here, and you'll still be reading when all that happens! 

You're going to just have to wait, read, and see.

Gluten-free peanut butter cookies

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